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Welcome to the Columbia and Western Trail


The Bulldog Tunnel is Open Again to the Public.






The Columbia and Western Rail Trail is located in Southern British Columbia. The trail rides along the abandon Canadian Pacific Railway from Castlegar, British Columbia to Midway, British Columbia. At Midway it then joins the Famous Kettle Valley Railway line.



The Columbia and Western Trail Society is a non-profit organization based out of Castlegar, B.C. Our vision is to recognize the historical value of the former Columbia and Western rail line and provide a safe experience for all users. Our mandate is the preservation of the vast history of the area, and the promotion and maintenance of a destination trail for the benefit of all users.



The Columbia and Western Trail Society was formed in 2000 to Promote, Educate and Maintain a distance of 80 Km. (Castlegar to Fife.)  It is a Non-Profit organization to work with local and provincial governments for funding, work with interest clubs, to maintain this as a world class Rail / Trail.



The Columbia and Western  Rail Trail is 162 Km long from Castlegar, British Columbia to Midway, B.C. and travels the abandon Canadian Pacific Boundary Subdivision with the last train going thru in 1991. In 2000 the C.P.R. donated the line to the Province of British Columbia for a Recreational trail to form the British Columbia's Trans-Canada Trail network.


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